Mac Baren Products

When you go exploring in the world of Mac Baren tobaccos, you enter a world full of scents and good old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Every Mac Baren blend is the result of a special and different recipe - recipes which are closely guarded secrets that only a very few people know their exact details. And these details, together with our solid craftsmanship, bring out the unique nuances of taste.

International Brands

Amphora Regular (Brown) 50g Pouch
Amphora Full Aroma (Red) 50g Pouch
Capstan Gold Flake 1.75 oz
Capstan Gold RR 1.75 oz
Capstan Original Flake 1.75 oz
Capstan Original RR 1.75 oz
Gold Block 50g Tin
St. Bruno Flake 50g Tin
St. Bruno Ready Rubbed 50g Pouch
Three Nuns 1.75 oz

HH Series

HH Acadian Perique 1.75oz, 3.5oz and 1lb
HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz, 3.5oz and 1lb
HH Latakia Flake 1.75oz, 3.5oz and 1lb
HH Old Dark Fired 1.75oz, 3.5oz and 1lb
HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz, 3.5oz and 1lb
HH Vintage Syrian 1.75oz, 3.5oz and 1lb

Mac Baren Classic Range

7 Seas
7 Seas Black 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
7 Seas Gold 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
7 Seas Red 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
7 Seas Regular 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
7 Seas Royal 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
Black Ambrosia 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Cherry Ambrosia 3.5 oz
Club Blend 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Cube Bronze 3.5 oz
Cube Gold 3.5 oz
Cube Silver 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Dark Twist 3.5 oz
Golden Extra 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
Halberg Green 3.5 oz
Halberg Red 3.5 oz
Halberg Yellow 3.5 oz
Mixture (Scottish) 3.5 oz, 9 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
Mixture Flake 3.5 oz, 1 lb
Mixture Modern 3.5 oz
Navy Flake 3.5 oz, 1 lb
Original Choice 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Plumcake 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Roll Cake 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Solent 3.5 oz, 16 oz
Symphony 3.5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
Vanilla Cream Flake 1.75 oz, 1lb
Vanilla Loose Cut (Cream) 3.5oz, 16 oz, 5 lb
Virginia #1 3.5oz, 9 oz
Virginia Flake 1.75oz, 1 lb