Drunk Chicken Cigars

About Us

Drunk Chicken Cigars is a boutique Cigar Company. We are a minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, small business, located in the District of Columbia, United States of America (U.S.A). Our mission is to create cigars that our customers will enjoy anytime of the day.

Our Story

The birth of Drunk Chicken Cigars started with friends and family hanging out in the family backyard; living the dream, eating, drinking, and sharing cigars. This backyard oasis includes over a dozen chickens, dogs and local wildlife that frequently visit. The “Drunk Chicken” name was established one evening as we enjoyed our typical Saturday festivities, the chickens were “going home to roost” and seem to stumble as if they were drunk. The Drunk Chicken events grew, becoming the regular safe place to hang out. The notional entry fee was bringing a cigar to smoke and one to share. This quickly evolved into a quest of finding unique cigars none of us had previously smoked.

While traveling, the exploration of various cigars bars and shops led to meeting many cigar aficionados including shop owners, cigar diplomats, Cuban hand-rollers, cigar lovers and junkies like us. The creative juices started to flow as they introduced us to freshly rolled-cigars and different brands and flavors of cigars. To impress our friends, we decided to try our hand at having our favorite tobacco leaves blended and hand-rolled to share back at the “Coop”. They were instant hits thus Drunk Chicken Cigars “Chicks” were born.

Our Approach

Quality matters that is why Drunk Chicken Cigars is a business built on passion, love, with no compromise in quality or flavor. The entire production of the Drunk Chicken Cigars “Chicks” is completed by hand and produced in the U.S.A. The “Chick” making process begins with choosing the tobacco leaves to include the filler, binder, and wrapper. Only the grade “A” long-leaf tobacco leaves are chosen as fillers in the creations of our “Chicks”.

Taking no short cuts in the cigar making process, every blend was personally hand-rolled and aged. Creating the perfect combination takes time as we evaluate: draw, burn, complexity, dynamic range, smoke texture, wrapper quality, strength, intensity, and overall enjoyably. Only the best of the best become “Chicks”.

Our goal is to consistently deliver hand-rolled premium cigars to our customers. When orders are placed, we inspect the “Chicks” again for the quality of the leaf and the firmness of the roll so our customers receive a reliable and enjoyable smokin’ experience. This is why we produce in small batches with numbered boxes.

We want to share our passion and love for smoking quality, premium cigars, so tell your peeps…We Have “Chicks”.