Choosing a pipe

Pipes can be found in an array of materials, shapes and designs to suit the fancy of every smoker. Although meerschaum and corn-cob pipes are available, the most widely used material is briar, the burl or crown of a shrub known as Erica Arborea which grows in the Mediterranean area. Briar pipes are recommended for beginning smokers. Your retailer has a wide variety from which to choose.


Before making your choice of a pipe, try the different shapes and designs to find out how they feel both in your mouth and in your hand. See how they look, whether they suit your face and personality. Think about the occasions upon which you will use your pipe, remembering that a heavy pipe demands the use of your hands and a light pipe can be held easily in the teeth.


Regardless of your choice of pipes, keep in mind the fact that a pipe is merely a device in which to burn tobacco. No matter how pretty it looks or how efficiently it works, your smoking pleasure will be no better than the tobacco you pack into its bowl. The real key to pipe smoking enjoyment is good tobacco.


Now light up!