Styles & Cuts Of Tobacco

Aromatic – Mixtures are often a Burley/Virginia blend of tobaccos that are highly flavored. Cherry, vanilla, rum, whiskey, etc. are some of the most popular flavors used. This style of tobacco is the dominant choice of most pipe smokers.


English – This term refers to tobaccos that are flavored ONLY with different types of tobaccos and DO NOT have added flavors. Generally these blends use Latakia, Perique, and Virginia tobaccos. The nomenclature refers to an Old English Law that stated that no tobacco products could have anything but tobacco as a percentage of its total weight.


Navy Flake or Slices – The term Flake or Slices can mean different things to different people. Typically in a Tobacco Shop, the term flake refers to the style of tobacco that has been hard pressed into little cakes and thinly sliced. These thin slices are then “rubbed out” to smoke.


Cube – A more exotic style of tobacco that is formed into a cake, pressed together under extreme pressure, and then sliced into little cubes. Red Lion’s products often involve the usage of cubes. Normally cubes are made from Burley tobacco, although there is a demand for Virginia cube.