The Art Of Pipe Smoking

The act of smoking a pipe carries a built-in responsibility. You owe it to millions of fellow pipe smokers to live up to certain standards.


The sight of a man with a pipe rings a bell with most people. It conjures up ideas of leadership, thoughtfulness, reliability, level-headedness- a long list of admirable characteristics which add up to a splendid masculine picture. The very act of lighting up a pipe seems magically to endow a man with these attributes. Good tobacco in a trusty pipe provides him with strength and serenity. There is a calming bonus in the ritual of filling, lighting, cleaning, and caring for one’s pipes.


But you have another obligation, this one to yourself. There is no such thing as instant pipe smoking. To enjoy fully the unmatched contentment of a good pipe and flavorful tobacco, you must learn how to go about it properly. To attempt to smoke a pipe as one might smoke cigarettes or cigars is like trying to play tennis with a nine-iron. It just isn’t the same game.