Types of Tobacco

Few pipe tobaccos marketed today consist of a single kind of tobacco. In almost every case, pipe tobacco is a blend of several varieties. Tobaccos generally fall into six basic categories with their own distinct qualities and characteristics.


Burley: More Burley is smoked in pipes than any other kind of tobacco, for experts consider this type, grown mainly in Kentucky and Tennessee, to be the finest pipe tobacco in the world. Its popularity is due to its excellence, its flavorful taste and the fact that it mixes readily with other tobaccos. Many quality pipe blends (like ours) contain a high proportion of choice Burleys, which can be identified by their light brown color.


Virginia: This is a pleasant tasting tobacco grown in several Southern states, which mixes well with Burley or is good as a stand alone varietal. Sweet and high in sugar, Virginia tends to burn faster than Burley types.


Latakia: Grown in Syria and on the island of Cyprus, its stems and leaves are cured to produce a strong, smoky flavor. Latakia is a primary tobacco used in “English” style blends.


Perique: A slow-burning variety often referred to as the “salt and pepper” of the trade, because it is mainly used for flavoring and aroma. This type is very mild and pungent, and is popular in English Style tobaccos. Perique is unique in that it can only be produced in a small area near New Orleans (St. James Parish).


Turkish: A number of kinds of tobacco grown in Turkey, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East are known as “Turkish”. These mild and fast burning tobaccos are commonly used in more exotic English style blends and some cigarette blends. Many English and Balkan blends use Turkish extensively.


Black: Burley tobacco that has been steamed for over 48 hours to achieve its color and exceptionally mild smoking characteristics; the tobaccos used are normally from the Green River section of Kentucky. It is not technically a type of tobacco, but it is used as such